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Hi! I'm Naty.
Travel expert, Self Love/Beauty Guru & Lifestyler

Hello, gorgeous! 


My name is Naty Rocke. I’m an award winning activist/public speaker, creator & believer.  I am an optimist and an enthusiastic person who always wants to help others, bridge divides & see the world through the lens of others. I am also an outspoken advocate.


My first ever public speaking engagement was in front of Doral City Council and it took off from there, since then I have spoken at Miami City Council, the Lambda Sage Living Table Event and even a TedX style engagement giving my speech Breaking the Silence. In turn I created my own event at the Frost Art Museum of the same name, giving others that same opportunity. 


I am a massive believer in travel, communication and interpersonal relationships as a way to enrich our lives and mend divides. If we can expose ourselves to other ways of life and try to understand others then we can live more well rounded and happier lives.


I have visited 9 countries and 14 states (not including road trips) and have been an adventurer all my life. I started traveling with my amazing mother and my family early on.


At the age of 2 I was already parasailing with my mother. As the head of diversity and a significant person in the community she instilled in me a love of travel and people along with a strong urge for equality and justice. From a young age my mother taught me about other cultures, about the arts and fostered my creativity by exposing me to art, operas, musicals and more. My dad is also a painter who helped excel in the arts. Family is where it all started and its who taught me to be empowered, helpful, grateful and instilled in me that love has no bounds and there is room for all.


I pride myself on inclusion and welcoming of all. I have made friends with people of all types of races, dissent, religions & creeds. I love meeting new people because it is another level of understanding. It makes us well rounded and more in tune with ourselves. When we can see the world from another perspective it quells conflict and makes life more beautiful.


Perhaps though the thing I am most proud of is the community of amazing people that I have been able to cultivate in my life and online. The culmination of all of it being right here on I love helping others on here through my articles and sharing of experiences. I love the ability to inspire and inform others through multiple mediums. I hope this platform can now be a safe space for others just as the Gay-Straight Alliance I founded was in my formative years.


I love to share my knowledge and experiences on here through my writing, photography and videography. I hope that you can call home and find growth within it’s knowledge along with help, empowerment and inspiration. Or even just some fun travel tips and entertainment ;)


Keep on Rocke-in’




Naty Rocke


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