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8 Things you MUST know for Summer Travel in 2021

Today we are talking Summer 2021 Travel insights tips and tricks to get you through and keep you informed. Including super important mental health tips for dealing with this first summer going back to normal so make sure to stay till the end.

8 things you must know for Summer Travel in 2021.

#1 Travel Boom

I think it goes without saying that everyone is sick of being stuck at home. And with new advancements and protocols, many states, businesses & other establishments have been able to open back up. Because of this millions will be traveling this summer and that’s a huge game-changer. So don’t expect to see the prices and pictures you’ve seen online thus far.

#2 Price Hikes

Now that everything's opening back up and this whole travel boom is happening people are definitely capitalizing on it and price hikes are running rampant. There are no more deals happening that are trying to encourage people to travel. Flights are at full price if not higher, hotel rooms are booking out especially for those on major holiday weekends, and if you're planning a road trip gas prices are shooting through the roof. Make sure if you're planning to travel this summer and you have not made reservations yet to make them ASAP or else you might not be able to get any.

#3 Beware – it’s busy everywhere, especially small-town destinations

I've been noticing that smaller destinations actually are the places that are the most populated. So beware if you are trying to avoid Covid, that cute small town destination might not be the safest choice. I can say first hand after visiting Lake Placid and many small lake towns up and around upstate New York as well as several small New England ones that people are truly flocking to these smaller destinations. I even walked into a small lake town gift shop and it was absolutely packed. Mind you this town has about 350 residents. A lot of people are having the same idea of trying to stay safe when getting away. Many are going to small-town destinations, RVing, lake towns, and camping. Be careful and remember just because you're in a small town doesn't mean you can't get sick so make sure you’re staying safe regardless.

#4 RVs are still a hot commodity:

If you are thinking about renting or even buying an RV you may have a really hard time. RV’s have continued to be a hot commodity as of last summer. A ton of RV campsites are booked solid this summer as well as many campsites. Make sure you are planning early on RVing & campsites.

#5 Major cities are no exception

You’re probably thinking well Naty - small towns are packed, RV campgrounds are packed. Well then I’m good to go in a major city! *Insert wrong answer buzzer sound* wrong plenty of major cities are packing the tourists in and one major example is Las Vegas. A ton of people are swarming Vegas. The only way it could get any crazier over there is if conventions start happening again and with the way Vegas is running things I wouldn’t be surprised if that started to happen sooner than later. You have to remember EVERYONE is dying to get out of their homes and hometowns to travel and stretch their legs. And everyone who depends on tourism is desperate to bring in the tourists and start getting back to work.

#6 Masks optional

Before I even get into this topic I want to say that I'm not trying to get political I am just stating this information to help you and others be aware of the situation. Many states have now been declared fully open travel is completely allowed and there are no mask mandates in those states anymore. The mask issue gets a bit tricky though. Even if a state has removed its mask mandate that does not mean that an establishment is not able to require you to wear a mask. It is up to the businesses themselves whether or not they want to allow people in who don't wear masks. This being said my advice is always put on a mask right before entering an establishment and if you are someone who has gotten the vaccine don’t want to wear the mask ask someone who works there can I take my mask off please? And if they tell you yes then OK great and go ahead and some places will tell you no and that's OK too. I just want to say that some people are getting really nasty about the Mask situation and I understand where people are coming from and I understand that people are tired of being told what to do and just want things to go back to normal. But please if it establishment tells you to keep your mask on just keep it on or if you don't want to, just go to a different establishment that will allow you to be without one. And if an establishment asks you to keep it on don't give them a hard time. Most of the time that's just some poor employee who is just having to follow the rules and doesn't want any trouble. Also please remember that they may be doing that to protect people who have cancer or other immunosuppressing diseases who are vulnerable and at-risk to any disease and with many tourists comes a lot of diseases intermingling. There also maybe be infants, toddlers, or young children who tend to be in that establishment who they are protecting. So please don’t give people in the service industry a hard time they are doing their job and already have a hard enough job as it is.

Mental health tips

Before we get started on this next section I want to stress I am not in any way shape or form a medical professional anything I say is from my own experiences and observations. Please make sure to check in with your mental health professionals before heading out this summer.

Crowd Anxiety

If you are someone who struggles with being overwhelmed by crowds. (And I know that in the wake of COVID many of us have developed that fear and anxiety.) Make sure you research the place you are going to including how to get around and where you can take a breather. If you can try to plan a trip that is more secluded and will keep you at a distance from others. Please, everyone, be aware that crowding is happening and that can be a lot to take in so make sure to come mentally prepared and have a plan to combat those issues.

Nothing feels real

Don’t be surprised if things feel surreal when traveling this summer. Honestly when I walked into that gift shop and it was packed with people and everyone was just acting as if COVID had never happened it kind of felt like being in a different dimension. It is such a crazy mix of emotions

You may feel upset, fear, relief, joy maybe even anger.

After an entire year of fear, seclusion, and the unknown, it’s only natural to have visceral reactions to going back to the way things were and you may not know how to feel.

Remind yourself that you are ok and that this reaction is normal. Try and get away from the crowds. Either by yourself or with someone who makes you feel safe and take a breather.

Try some breathing or other calming exercises

Remember to have some healthy coping mechanisms in your arsenal

Now while you are planning for your trip would be a great time to make sure you learn some breathing and calming exercises as well as think of some healthy coping mechanisms you can have in your back pocket when you do get out there. Trust me when you are in the heat of the moment the last thing you’d want is to not know what to do and go into full panic mode. So just take a little time to preplan and remind yourself of what your go to’s are in this kind of situation

Remember we have all quite literally endured year-long collective trauma that is still in some ways continuing. Cut yourself some slack and just breathe.

In summary, this summer is all about planning, planning, planning. You need to have a plan and everything pre-booked. You also need to really stay in tune with yourself and make sure you are taking care of your physical and mental health.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and it was helpful to you. Please stay safe and stay informed.



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