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Detroit - The Lost Pizza Rival

New York & Chicago are known as the ultimate pizza rivals, but what happens when the 'Rock City' is thrown in the mix?

Detroit style pizza, locally known as a "Detroiter" get's its roots from the classic Sicilian pie. It is rectangular shaped and is the closest I've ever gotten to the exact middle point between New York-style & Chicago Deep Dish. Because of that, I have a LOT of opinions...

See what I mean?

As a New York-style pizza connoisseur the Detroiter definitely did not gain a fan on my first try of the crazy-shaped pie. My trip to Buddy's Pizzeria, the most famous pizza joint in Detroit did not go over as expected. Over time and trying different restaurants' interpretations of the Detroiter around town did yield different results, however. I have since tried Cloverleaf (a sit-down restaurant) as well as Buscemi's (pizzeria/convenience store) and I have to stay I do have a certain place in my heart for that silly little pie. Ironically enough, my favorite version didn't come from a nice sit-down place, it came from the grab and go, pizza by the slice Buscemi's. So much so that after one slice I came back the next day and bought 4 more for the road trip home.

My opinions aside the Detroiter is growing in popularity and can now even be found in your local freezer section. (Check out Mowtown Pizza) I do appreciate this as it is a big win for Motor City. It really needs love and hopefully, its food finding its way into the collective consciousness will inspire people to visit this historic city. I personally love Detroit and definitely recommend it! You can see more on my travels to Michigan here.

Although my first try was less than ideal when visiting Detroit you NEED to have this on your list! It is an icon of Detroit and deserves its spot in the big leagues alongside New York & Chicago.

Links below (not affiliated) so you can find which location is most convenient for you on your trip to Mowtown! If you've been to or want to visit Detroit let me know in the comments beow and I would love to give you suggestions!

Buddy's Pizza:



Stay safe out there!

Love you guys always,



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