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Exploring Bluff Point & An Open Conversation on Mental Health

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Today lets explore beautiful Bluff Point State Park and have an open and honest conversation about mental health and getting help.

I like a mass majority of the population struggle(d) with mental health problems and many people don't talk about it. It is seen as shameful or impolite conversation. To believe that is to encourage behaviors that minimize mental health and stop others from seeking help. Those beliefs are damaging and dangerous. So in today's video I am speaking pretty candidly about my mental health, the fact that I struggled and that seeking help was THE best thing I have ever done. You don't HAVE to feel like this, you can get better. I am linking below some resources that I speak on in the video to help you take your first step to feeling better.

I also want to let you know that this video is the first in a series - Mental Health Journal or MHJ for short. I hope you will join me on this new journey where I will take you on my adventures and speak openly about mental health, how travel and different locations can help or trigger myself and others and much more.


Therapist Recommended↓

Nothing can replace treatment with a professional, but I hope these resources can either help you get treatment or be a tool alongside treatment. I know money can be a big factor in getting treatment so look to your community to see where affordable treatment can be found. If you are a student they are plenty of resources to get your treatment free of cost. There are also government programs and know there are medical professionals who will work with you on a sliding scale and many times Licensed Clinical Social Workers are more affordable than psychologists and do many of the same things. Remember you deserve to have a good life.



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