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Manifestation in 2020 - Vision Boards Demystified

Manifestation and Vision Boards, they might sound like woo woo millennial and/or hippie crap, but there is more than some “mythical” reasoning behind them and they can help a lot. Vision boarding and manifestation is the reason I went for a little over 500 followers last year to over 1,800 and here is how and why…

I have always been a big believer in manifestation and vision boards. I had never done a full vision board before my 2020 one, but as I said I have had some previous experience. I remember seeing/hearing about vision boards twice in my life and being really interested and enchanted by them, but had never been fully able to execute one.

As an adult I was still fascinated and this year I experimented a bit with vision board, but we will get back to that. First, I want to demystify vision boards for a second. They don’t all have to be this expertly curated board with the perfect images, or this giant board taking up lots of space with crazy magazine cut outs. They are whatever you want them to be and look like according to what works for you, your lifestyle and your space.

"Vision boards = dream catchers & goal keepers"


In essence they are goal keepers and reminders. They help you outline your goals and give yourself motivation to go further. Keeping them in a place you would see everyday can really give you focus and clarity on what it is you are working towards. They are also amazing because they are almost a living organism. They don’t have to be be this hard outlined, “once you do it that’s it” type of thing. You can add and even subtract if you so choose whenever you like. I would recommend doing one on some cork board or with a non-permanent adhesion method if you are going for adding and subtracting. If you would like to just add, leave some open space.

Personally the vision board that led me so far in my journey on instagram was simply a piece of paper with some goals written/drawn on them. I also created some online vision board/goals that I posted on my instagram as further reminder. I then put that note paper up on my office door and going in, out and passed my I ended up focusing most (well, really all) of my vision board goal attention on growing my Instagram and at one point ended up growing 300 followers in a mater of 3 days and broke the 1K mark quicker than I thought possible.

This year I decided I wanted a solid base of a vision board with four main components- travel, self love, social media, and other. I ended up going more hardcore aesthetic style for my personal vision board and even kept a color scheme of pinks and blues, leaning towards pastels. I also went for the more traditional on poster board style. This poster board is more on the long term goals side and have currently been more focused on the self love section. Currently on my vision board being accomplish- my water intake levels are actually being met, I am manifesting, working on tapping, being in the vortex and some social media. Also being met from the self love is our no fast food 2020 rule being very well kept. I have even started planning for how to overcome needing fast food while being constantly on the rode (keep an eye out for that).

I am also keeping my vision anywhere roots and have a hand done mini board of sorts. Where, my vision board is larger life goals, my mini board is more immediate and easily achievable goals.

"You don't just believe something and then it just happens"


At the end of the day remember that while vision boards can be great tools for motivation and clarity, just because you make one or work on other forms of manifestation doesn’t mean things will just land in your lap without work. It is up to you to take that first step, put yourself out there and work on your dreams you won’t ever get there. That’s like the man who prays every day to win the lottery, but never buys a ticket, Harvey you are never gonna win.

I would love to hear if you have ever tried creating a vision board, what form(s) they have taken, what your opinions of them are and if you creating one yourself. If you do make one I would love to see it! Make sure to tag me on instagram @natyrocke and #rockestar so I am sure to see it and you might even be featured on my instagram or on my website. Best of luck on your vision boards guys and as always…

Keep on Rocke-in’



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