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Floridian lives in New England, How to Deal with Snow

Moving from Florida to a state I'd never been to was difficult. Let's talk about how I dealt with it.

In July of 2019 I moved from Florida to Connecticut after having lived in the state for the entire first 21 year of my life. In the instant that I learned where I would have to be moving I knew immediately what that meant... cold weather & snow. The thought of it crushed me. My fear of being depressed because of the climate crushed me.

My first winter in Connecticut I was terrified. I was scared of the snow and what that meant for me. Once I got through the winter I lost it. Years of trauma, topped off with a miserable winter I eventually broke. I finally was able to see a therapist again after multiple previous attempts landing me nowhere. I am so grateful that I got back up again and finally managed to find someone to help me.

Now I firmly believe that you can withstand anything you just have to have the right help and not let fear take over you. I also firmly believe that weather is neutral, the weight you put on it is entirely your own. A Scandinavian saying also really helped me: "There is no bad weather, only bad clothing." So get out there and try to find the fun in weather as long as you can do so safely. If it's snowing get a friend and slide around, take some photos, throw snowballs, make a snowman, make snow angels, see what activities your mind can make up to use snow for. Anything is possible.

If you take anything away from this it's to never give up especially if you are looking for help. I will include links below to help you on your mental health journey. Please stay safe.




Therapist Recommended↓

Nothing can replace treatment with a professional, but I hope these resources can either help you get treatment or be a tool alongside treatment. I know money can be a big factor in getting treatment so look to your community to see where affordable treatment can be found. If you are a student they are plenty of resources to get your treatment free of cost. There are also government programs and know there are medical professionals who will work with you on a sliding scale and many times Licensed Clinical Social Workers are more affordable than psychologists and do many of the same things. Remember you deserve to have a good life.

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